Friday, October 10, 2014

FAvorite BF style sculpts

I have recentty been on a op bf sculpt kick. Even though the models have more flash.In my opion some of theese are some of the best BF models and are my fav to collect.Especially someof the usa rifle and PAras. 
So what are your fav sculpts.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Here is whut ive been up to this Summer.

Most of this sumer i have been building terrain out in the GArage of Doom.The first project was that completed roughly around 10 ft of Bocage.So that if i want i can fill our table for bocage battles.MAde alot more roads and Hills.
  The big thing for me for awhile is how i wanted to build a Mountain table.Now that i have enough Styro foam pieces,I can build my heart out.The foam came from a disassembled restuarant walk in cooler walls.I have pieces that reso large that we a building a replica MG bunker full size and a raft in the shape of a Giant Surf Board for next year so we try some river surfing on the river across the street at the park from my house.
 So here is a few piks of what the current state of the mountain terrain.So far i kinda like it. On one of the big pieces will be eventually turned into a Airfield on a small mountain top. I just need to pik up a few pieces,Quansa huts,Sweet brand Airfield strips and a watch tower,Possibily some oil tanks if i can find in scale.
  So now here is my next idea for sculpting another hill. Maybe a large center piece or corner?
a few of the painted hills and some of the split rail fencing that i made. I probably made around five feet worth.I made it using 2 methods.

Some of the Homemade,Bocage/Walls that i made

Panaramic pik with bad lighting.

Hill with some random foam boulders

Airfield piece

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Peter PIg USA team quick review.

I piked up a few packs of the 50 cal teams here recently by Peter Pig.Good deal 3 teams 5 bucks,i got 2 packs to finish off my 10th Mountain and GliderInfantry from Nuts.Overall i liked them 4 out of 5 stars for theese. nice clean sculpts and casting and made with a better metal than the Bf ones.
  I would have went with BF one theese HMG but they no longer sell them in a single blister. and i already have enough 30 cals as it is.
  Here  is few piks to see what you get. But overall,i would buy theese again and any of the HMGs or Mortar offerings from PP,i just really like the one piece metal mortars.NO fidly bi pods.One last thing the head sculpts are not that bad for doughboys.
peter pig

Left BF rite Peter pig

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

10th mountain piks and a few other things.

I built my Lite At guns for my10th Mountain division.I used the Tri pods from the PSC American weapons set anAT guns from the German Half Traxs.Yes, i do that they are the incorrect guns bt after you convert them it is hard to tell the diference at thisscale,especially at a distance.also i did not like the crew mix from the BF tutorial either they used a PAra spotter,A LW uniform and a Mw uniform models for it.I used the MW uniform for a matter of fact that is what i used for all of my 10th Mountain models.Now algot to do is finish them up a bit and they should be good to go,
 Next thing that i have been working on for them is the 50 cal AA platoon.Since they did not use the water cooled.I am trying to rebuild my Airborne Air cooled 50s.The only bad thing is that i still have to buy the Water cooled ones for the crew.But i guess i can always ebay the Guns off or keep them for a future project.One other good thing to about the 10th Mountain is that i got all of the other models that i need to still use them as Glider rifles.what stinks is the Flimsy barrels on the AA guns.I may just go ahead and swap them out with the extra Plastic ones i have.
 That is all for now TAnks for reading.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

10th Mountaineering Project,

Since i have Been wanting to start a new WW2 Company Modelling project,That would incorprate some of my current models.Also would be a good opportunity to Challenge my skills with alot of Custom pieces.Is what drew me to this project. I orginally Started out with this being a Darbys Rangers TAsk force.So i may have a Cheap fun challenging army that i may play in MW and LW.After getting a copy of Road to Rome, Iwas Kinda Dissappointed in the Lack of Support options for Darby(ADHD rant).But i did like the Idea of all of the Chemical Mortars and His Converted 1/2 traxs that have both the Cannon and Mortar option.I really would like to make them but at roughly 20 bucks apiec e is alittle pricey for me ATM.But i would have the extra traxs that i need.Plus they would be Resin, No offense but Plastic HAlf tracks kinda suck,Too lite ,to fragile and need a weighted and Base for them to be proper. 
So then back to RD to Rome,i remember that the Rangers were soon to join the DB after the Mauling at Cisterna.aftertaking a relook at the New BD list.It kinda worked for me but i did like the Platoon weapon options as much of the Rangers.but i did have some left over DB Canadians and few other Pieces i have collected for them to be used with.So DB was in,Kewl i was thinking,Now i have 2 forces that i can run. 
Then the Maddeness sets in, or a bad Case of Being a Hippie with ADHD.i had the thought wouldnt it be kool if Bf put out a updated PDf for the 10th Mountaineering So then i could use Darby in 3 seperate timelines or Lists.while pondering the ideas for my project what i had what i needed and Getting Company of heros 2 for my new PC after wanting to play it since it releaseJust needed a COmp and a good steam sale finally came to fruitation.i recieved a new Gaming PC for xmas from my friends and family.they custom Built it.But now owning a quad core vs. My old Dual core,Old comp speed forgotton now, i am currently running at a little less that 10,000.I highly recommend COH2,for all of you old CNC heads. 
Next i was surprised i went to BF site and they released a 10th Mountain PDf.After checking the PDf i thought i would make this my new American Infantry company i wanted to i started on checking my models and getting a few things together that i needed paint and a few as of roughly couple of weeks ago i took the plunge and got started.i made a mental listof what i was going to start with.using the PDf i made a check list.57mm At Gun Platoon,good No work here.i am using my old Glider rifle platoon,same for Mortar Platoon 81mm just needed to add 2 so could have the 6 max.Next was one of the custom pieces.The 37mm At gun on Tri looked like a nice simple custom model.i just recieved a PSc US weapons PSC kit for bits.So time to bust out the set. Sorry,But for me this ws the worst of their kits that i bought so far,details were not that good,to many pose that are non based indiv.And i really hate to say this too,but the quality wasnt the best either.It had bad thin molding spots and broke to easy when i tried to cut them from the Sprue.I think for now i will just stick with the armor. 
For my 37mm AT guns ,i used the 50 cal. tri pod and the 3. something at gun .since i did not have any usa one i chop shop some spare German ones and at this scale you barely notice even up close after modding them.Overall i think they turned out was my mountain field Battery, For this used my Histori fig Generic 105s with out gunshields and fat carriages.That were orginally intended for the 327th Artillery heavy Bastogne list.Also i may field 2 of theese still undecied on which to add Confiscated 75mm from the Gider rifles or another 105 battery.The pdf does state that they may have had2 ,but they did have a boat of 75mm guns.weapon platoon is pretty much done,but for now i am subing the 1919 lmg to them from my Armored infantry or Paras.Again bulk of the Models were glider rifles,that i had built theese from the D Day list.i added the Chemical Mortars from the PSC set which is what i bought for anyways,everything else from was a bonus.with the weapons platoons converted a couple of models over to be a HMg 2 gun section almost finished with just some AA to start on.I am for now just going to convert my Airborne 50 cal AA over with a crew swap.then order some quad AA 50s for the platoon to finish them out. 
Now, it is time for the MAddness to start.Here ahile back before i decied to make the 10th my got to Infantry list i fiddled around with my RAnger/DB project by starting on the Infantry. As i started to go through them and figuring what i can build,So i went through my spares and non finished models,I raided the DB and loose models to field my Engineers,Divisional Engineers with 2 OS and a 2 squads A&p allwith max zooks.Next was my I and R platoon easy one ill just reuse my Glider rifle platoon.Then the real Maddness started, I need to build my Infantry platoons,So i started to count bases and command,I was looking at around 2 full platoons and one 2 rifle squad platoon.when i was rounding up my models i noticed that some of the bases had mixed uniforms and i also had over a full platoon of Armored rifles loose,mounted DB models and Rifle/ MG bases.At first my gut told me feth it on the finished bases that were my Glider rifle that had mixed uniforms and took me a Summer to base and paint.Since we are Garage gamers and are pretty relaxed on proxys.Heck even haves used old Soda bottles as Gliders before.But i did it. realizing before and during painting that i used the wrong and a horrible color for the webbing and packs.Then i realized that i was just starting on the 15mm ww2 wargaming and wanted to field them faster. i said F@ck it and Started to strip them off the bases for remodellingand redeployment.So here is what happened after that, here is why i am having a couple of polls to help me choose what models to use. currently have enough RAnger style with Jacets to field 2 platoons one with 6 squads and one with 9 and a Mountain Cav patrol with 2 Carbine squads.Theese are another reason why i am fielding this division they maybe mounted on Horseback in LW and i even figured out how to convert them.I guess i am a sucker for unique and challenging models.just still not the best painter gotten better though.I do haveWIP piks of the models i will be posting them Here later on on a seperate article. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sorry, for no new updates

I got massively side tracked by the the New Company of Heros game.i am really surprised that for a game a sequel is actualy better.I like how they have al of the skil and new General specialist options.
 Now i am curently working on a few projects that are kinda going slow.Darbys Rangers,Devils Brigade and the New 10th Mountain PDF.I realy like the idea of the RAngers being used for the Latter 2.
 The other project is what i cal the Great 101st. Airborne REbasing Project.The models got knocked over and quite few ended up broken of the bases.
 I wil be posting some piks of the models here later and a review of the PSc USA Heavy weapons set.
 Tanks for reading and wil be posting here soon

Monday, April 14, 2014

Updates and new projects

Wow,it has been a month since anything has been posted,Been real busy workiung on projects here at home since the weather has been nice for a couple of weeks and now tonite a snowstorm.
 So after last Falls Party Fiasco i shut the Gargage of Doom down for the winter.So with theweather decent i went out and started on getting it ready for the Spring and it was thhrashed,some people who were at the party were left unattended and behold they broke my TV,Stero and part of my Gaming table.Plus their was busted Booze Bottles.Enough about that.So this year i fixed the water leaks,Insulated,Intalled alot more Shelves,Window,Also added a Spot to watch the game and even a Painting table.I kicked the Vehicles out for the Space.So for this year since i had somebody give me some saew horse i i decied to do a total rebiuld.It isa 8x7 table.So it going to be great for are Italy campaign battles,I am even building a Top secret set of terrain peices.
  Model wise i pik up a Devils brigade/Rangers Company or Companies,Started to paint my brothers Soviets and finally finished some of my Guards and even added another 3.5 AA 2 battry so now i can use my 4 Brit 88s. I finally to use thees for the first time impressed me.So i seen a deal n ebay on them.3well here is a few piks of what i have been up last thing i finaly did a updated German roster for total war and now i got around 10,000 pts worth.The points are mostly in The SS Wiking DIvsion KAmp from GRey Wolf and the 3000 plus of Veteran Fallschrimjager from Bridge by Bridge.Rite now for my allies i am not sure now since i iam getting ready to make over my 327th

Glider infantry.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Monday, February 24, 2014

Guards project update.

i finally got around to basing and painting up some models here lately and added a few other here is a some piks to show what i have been working on.i am really surprise how the Heavy AA guns are turning out and my custom staff team.sorry about the lighting on

some of the piks.I also have some off the looried Infantry Also almost finished.Piks here soon Also.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Market Garden FJ update.

12cm mortars,PP,PSC<BF models

med. Mortars

Sappers with truck

HQ section

HQ section

I finally got them painted to be TT ready.I still need to finish base and a few other odds and ends.But i do admit i need a break from painting German Infantry.I  am looking forward to getting my Guards Infantry  assembled and here is a few piks of what  i have done so far.The models are made by,BF,PP mainly with a few OG and a psc 12cm mortars from the German heavy weapons set.
Rifle,Mg platoon A
AA and 7.5

At guns

Here is a list of what units my FJs contain,MAx hq with Von and Koch with trap teams,3 mortars,3 shrek,3 snipers with optional puppchen,3 rifle mg platoons,1 sapperplatoon with truck,3 quad AA,2 hvy mg platoons 8 mgs,1 medium mortar platoons 4 tubes,Scout squad,3 at guns and Hvy. Mortars full squad 4 tubes.So overall not a bad force.I cannt wait for are open Summer LW italy campaign.Especially when the FJ 6 ,ally up with the Italian  RSI paras.TAnks for reading and now off to assemble some brits and enjoy my 18 inches of snow with a -26 temp outside.The only good thing this weather is good for is Painting,So maybe it is not that bad.  tanks for reading and please check back for updates.Soon i will have are summer italy campaign guidelines for everyone to check out.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Back to work on my FJS.

Since i have my Guards Armor TT ready.I decided to re vist my Fjs.I order a  quad flak set.Somehow they inspred me to srart painting them again or it may have been to much Hippie smoke.But anyways i managed to finish my infantry platoons three total,Scout platoon,FAust Tank Hunters and my HQ and 2IC ,The models Von Der Hydte and Koch.For some strange reason i kinda like the Koch model.I got 2 of them but i like using them as GLider pilots.Another thing is that i did find a LW Operation that used Gliders as a Spear head Assualt.So eventually i will be adding some Gliders.I know this summer we are going to be doing some Island hoping and it will feature 2 Allied vs. 2 Axis in the MTO.One thing to is that the 327th will be using their Wacos for Deployment.i have some Homebrew rules for them.Well here is some updated piks on what have been working on.Order of piks,Scout with STGs,I know they are supposed to be rifles but the SS Infantry scouts get stg so why not for the FJs.Still counts as Hero warrior teams and a Quad flak.
 Well take care for now. i will be updating again next off to paint Engineers.  Tanks for viewing....

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Guards Armor,almost done...

I got the Armor done just need to add a few things,but good enough for the TT.Starting here in the next few days i will be getting my Lorried Infantry company sorted and mounted on bases.Also i will be texturing my Fj bases.As for the FJs i am using the Bridge by Bridge list with aliitle bit of options for Normandy FJ 6.
  Piks in order,Recon element.SP guns(Anti Tank Achilles and Sexton Sps.)Engineering jeeps with Trucks and for the Open fire Sherman Platoons.Not pictured are 25lbers and Bofors,SO overall i think that this is a pretty decent Company.for help with the objectives i will be using Lorried Infantry. Also this is the first time i used weathering effects.I used the  Vallejo AFV weathering set.i liked how it turned on the tracks.This set is kinda expensive but i think well worth it.A bgr Tanks to the wife for getting me the set for xmas.especially after last weeks  temperatures,-35 Brrrr...with over a foot of snow...To damn F#!%ING  COLD..i can deal with zero fine.but great painting weather.
  Tanks for reading,