Monday, April 29, 2013

Point of Contact 15mm Sherman review

Well it has been kinda crazy for me over the past few weeks.I have been building models,trying to work on lists and doing a decent amount of wheeling and dealing for models and parts.Last week a friend bought him some P.oc. Shermans for his 101st.airborne.Actually the Airborne are my old ones and he added some of the newer kits that he pick up for the Nuts book.So we traded for some of his warhammer Fantasy models.I then flipped them so i could Start on my 4th Armor division list.So since i have a game this week against my brothers Soviet Guards company.I took him up on his offer to use them.
 So after awhile we got to taloking about the overall models themselves and overall not that bad but they needed some help. First was the Barrels,they are short and thick.They appered to be more of a 105 Sherman barrel.So first thing was to change the barrels.I had some extra ones lying around my bits box,that i thought they would fit nicely.Next is the lip on the Tank where as Battle fronts are sloped theese have a lip so i had add some stowage to them to help camo the lip.
 Next conversion is turning a couple of them into 105 Shermans.Pretty much a easy one here.Add some stowage to the lip and figure out what to use for the Box that is added to the back for the turret.
  But overall 5 for 20$ not bad.They need a little touch up paint and a little extra work.but if you are on tight budget they are worth the money.
  First pik is of the Shermans,left one is a Brit open fire Sherman hull,BAttlefront Sherman right is my POC conversion.
  Second is the stock POC shermans,notice the lip on the front and the Barrel difference.
    Third pik is of  a 105 Bf 105 Sherman that i trying to make.Mainly the turret will be the conversion.