Thursday, November 7, 2013

Universal Carrier,now with piat.

I seen a pik somewhere, that had the Piat attached the same way as the 50 cal. in my picture.So iam going to model them that way.I will be using the Sod Piats.To bad BF does not sell theese by themselves.So i ordered 3 of the cars just for the part. So off the evilbay they go along with my extra Dingo.

Here is a pik of the patrol,I still need to add another piat. because of one of the SODs i ordered was missing the part,but i do have 2 of them built.The other thing that i did. was that i ordered the wrong body style for the carriers.but my gaming group will not mind as long as it is a Universal Carrier.
  TAnks for reading.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gaming Models 15mm Quick review

  Here awhile back i was going to order some BF Dailmler Armored Cars for my Guards,But my usual supplier was currently out of them. So i was always curious about the Gaming models products.i never seen them in Person or i always seen them painted.But one day trolling the Forums i found some unpainted piks of them.Behold theyare resisn and 5$ a piece.So with that thought i went to their online store.Going thru their catalog i seen alot of nice models that i needed but since i am working on a British Guards Company i decied that i would purchase models for them.I ordered 4 Sextons and 2 Daimler Armored cars.
   They took around a week to get them in the post,which i think is pretty good overall.Considering my first thought was that they are casted per order.So it was a happy surprise to see them on my Porch.He did send me a email on Saturday to let me know they shipped.
    Here is the PIks of what they look like and varius stages of assembly.Overall i was happy with them.
My complaints are that the gun could be beefier and a way to elevate it.Setons are supplied with out crew but i did realise that when i bought them.But i will be adding a few BF ones in the future.So ill add crew.As for the cars the wheel and car body could have A notch cut out so that you may align the wheels easier.
  I know here later on i will be adding more of  Gaming models to my collection to mix in as a cgood cheaper filler model for my units.   TAnks for reading and may you roll 6s.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Guards armor Update.

Here lately i have been still working on my Guards Armor.Little bit here and there.I recently ordered a Carrier set.I was hopi

ng that it came with all of the weapon options,but sadly it did not.So now i have to  convert 2 50 cal carriers and 2 Piat Carriers.i have the 50 cal.s done but now i have to build the Piat carriers.What stinks is that now i have to buy 2 or 3 SOds for the Piat bit.The only vehicle that i found that has the bit.
 Here is a couple of piks with the 50 cal. I have 2 but the 1st. one did not turn out as nice as the 2nd one.
  when get around to building the Piat ones i will be using the same set up as i did for the 50 cals.

Monday, October 28, 2013

More Xmas 2013 Buildings..

 I went ahead and bought the rest the buildings in the i have a decent selection,to start working on.Here soon for the first part iwill start on mounting them and putting filler around them to bae them.the building on the far lft is the train station in first i progreess along i will be giving the names of the new ones.In the pik is a few of my buildings as you can tell they are from various x mas village sets.bought over the years.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Christmas Village Conversion part 2 (cool Cheap Terrain)

If you remember last year i converted and panted some xmas village buildings over for FOW thy look pretty close to 15mm.Yesterday i was at my local Wal mart and guess what they are back and wth a new product line.This year it is 2 story buildings for a 1.50$.Wal mart also has Trees for .75 to 2.00 a piece or a pack for around 8$.They even have some Brick road vinly strips 24 inches for. 3.00$.
   The FActory paint jobs kinda suck on some the so ill be basing and repainting them. keep your eyes open at your local Department store because you can find some nice cheap terrain for a really good price.I remember also thatAncient Society was doing the same thing last year to and i really liked his GAzebo. Tanks for now.keep yours eyes on this article because i will be updating it.
Here is a link to Anciet Society conversion.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Here is a first are of some update piks of my Guards Project,Looks like i will even be able to field them for the first time tommorrow.i a game vs.German i may even have a battle report to let everyone know how i did with this new Company.Tommorrow more updated piks.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

British armor painting update.

I started on painting up some more of my Brit armor its non historical paint jobs.i am trying to atleast match up the paint with what i got.My nearest paint seller is 40 miles away and i am currently in the poor house.
  The Infanrty are going to be my Armored platoon.i am also going to be putting some Camo jackets on them to help ID them seperately frommy Lorried is link to the JAcket that i am modeling mine after.Also since the JAcket was fielded in small numbers works great for them being a Motor Platoon.
  So here is a few piks ,leave a comment on telling me what you think of the colors please. 


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Here is my PSC review for the Stuarts

     I pick this set up for my Guards Armor project.After seeing a few other reviews that were mostly good,i figured what the hell.In most of the other reviews they size them up with the BF Stuarts they seemed over scaled..But here lately i have noticed that some BF models tend to be under scale.After a already owning and assembling several PSc kits the new style  were a welcomed break from the old Style tracks.Also one of the good things is that they also give you a option for Cullin Cutters. They are probably going to end up on Shermans that i am working on.Over all i am very pleased with theese tanks.For assembly they went together quite smooth.I just added a BF tanker for Command tank.They match up well with my BF Shermans. i beleive that theese are more tru scale than the BF model.In the piks i have a BF resin and a Open fire Sherman.If i ever decied to play American tanks again i would buy a Company of theese.But i think one of our players may beat me at it since he is Building a 2nd Cav list.. So overall i would give this kit a 8 out of ten overall. good buy i bought my kit for 27$ shipped. from NWS online store.I recommend this store alot of good deals.They sell BF,PSC, ZVEzda and FIB models and use the USPS standerd rates for shipping.  
    Till next time, TAnks for reading.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

I thought i would share this blog,Since this player seems to be my British Counter part..Why is he my counterpart we seemed to play the same armies.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Grenadier Guards project.

So i have started a new strategy for this army this time.I am collecting everything i pretty much needed first.Before i paint them and assemble the Infantry.So here is what i got and few piks. 
what i have. 
9 open fire shermans 
3 fireflies open fire 
1 set of regular bf Sherans with firefly, was going to use theese as commmand models 
5 Bf 1/2 traxs 
5 point of contact 1/2 tracks 

alot of Bren gunner teams for the 1/2 tracks , 2 Infantry platoons 
medium mortar team 
heavy mortar team 
vickers mg team 

So here s what i need still. 
Trucks,for the Infantry 

Universal carriers 

So here is my dilema on what to get next . 
Arty,it is toss up 5.5 or 25 pounders? 
Stuarts or Cromwells? 
Armored cars? 
extra firefly? 
For the Stuarts or cromwells question. i just probably buy both.How does the BF compare to psc? i heard that the PSC stuarts are a bit is the PSC cromwells? 
As for List i will be playing Armored Grenadier Guards LW. 
As for choice what you prefer to have?or buy all of them eventually.But which ones should get next?i would like to at least be able to field them here in the near future after we finish up are d day caMPign games and Start Market Garden.Especially with Blood Bowl Season starting up here soon.Then mext year we start on are weird war(SCI-Fi ,Goth Horror,ww2 1945-? ) 15mm games.NAzis ,Aliens and Zombies what fun! Hitler should not have made a deal with the Aliens for UFo tech.Now they turned on him and deciede to take over the planet for themselves.
Here is a few update piks for the Falls that i have been working on.they are still almost half done. i have been using the assembly line method to paint that i have some of the basics done.I am oing to be working on them by the platoon.i also need to order some grass tufts,maybe even get some of the flower and ivy ones too.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Last game for the wwpd CAmpaign.

Here is a few piks of our last game.It was 101st. Arborne and 4th Ad vs. SS

Saturday, August 3, 2013

BAttle report for the wwpd overlord campaign.

 Not much of a battle report this time.My cameras batteries died on me. so here is few piks of  the was 101st. Airborne vs. Fallschrimjager.It was a win for the FAlls with the Help of the German Armor.


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fallschirmjager project update.

 i pick up a few things from the Brookhurst Hobbies 4th of july Peter pig sale and a few Blisters Of BF stuff.
  I got At gun crews,HMg teams,Command,Mortars and some Snipers. Been busy painting up models soi have neglected the blog for awhile but here are some piks of what i pick up  and a gruop shot of the three Companies models asa side by side for comparsion. oh i forgot to mention i pick up the Pissior terrain piec to go with my BF Town square set that i am slowly building.

I will be adding a few more updated piks and some stripped down battlereport piks her laater this week.