Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Back to work on my FJS.

Since i have my Guards Armor TT ready.I decided to re vist my Fjs.I order a  quad flak set.Somehow they inspred me to srart painting them again or it may have been to much Hippie smoke.But anyways i managed to finish my infantry platoons three total,Scout platoon,FAust Tank Hunters and my HQ and 2IC ,The models Von Der Hydte and Koch.For some strange reason i kinda like the Koch model.I got 2 of them but i like using them as GLider pilots.Another thing is that i did find a LW Operation that used Gliders as a Spear head Assualt.So eventually i will be adding some Gliders.I know this summer we are going to be doing some Island hoping and it will feature 2 Allied vs. 2 Axis in the MTO.One thing to is that the 327th will be using their Wacos for Deployment.i have some Homebrew rules for them.Well here is some updated piks on what have been working on.Order of piks,Scout with STGs,I know they are supposed to be rifles but the SS Infantry scouts get stg so why not for the FJs.Still counts as Hero warrior teams and a Quad flak.
 Well take care for now. i will be updating again next off to paint Engineers.  Tanks for viewing....