Saturday, April 22, 2017

A couple of TY Red Thunder leaked piks from Salute

I got a quick and short post of a couple of piks for the upcoming Russian books.
 looks like a couple of plastic kits,
 Next pick i would like to see are of the PSC T55 models.
 models looks pretty good . Nice to the BTR  in plastic,since alot of people will be needing alot of them.Kinda crappy that the T 64 doesnt have reactive armor. But i bet it will be cheap in points though.
 thats it till next time. tanks...

Monday, April 17, 2017

Durka ,DURKA, DURKA....ADmiral ACKbar! TAliban HQ Objective.

I finally got the models to finish my HQ TAliban objective .
  Here is what i used, KHurasan BinLADen  Set and a Peter pig tv crew set,with a fly trap fig thrown in. Now all need to do is just get to painting.

Well tanks again.

Friday, April 14, 2017

TAliban reinforcements have arrived!

I got a order In from MJ figures of  a few things i was needing another 4 PLA rocket launchers, Mounted Horsemen for Recon and what i think is kewl is a weapons pack, I finally got me some MANPADS for the Taliban.May not be stinger but they used them. The British Blowpipe.
 First is the PLA rockets,decent models except the miscasted wheels.I have a total of 7 but i will only be using 6 of them the extra one is for spare parts and the crew will be getting addded as mortar crew.
 Second is the mounted Horse back models. i like theese sculpts alot.I think here in the future i will be picking up some more and converting a few over to have  AK 47s.AS for the game i am just using the Motor bike rules and mounting.Here in the future when MJs gets a restock i will be basing them off of the Romanian  mounted scout platoon for RED BEar book. 4 to a large base.
 Third and last is the MANpads models theese were converted Khursan FIgs with the MJ blow pipes. THe first 2 were easy, i took a Rifleman and shaved off the rifle and left the sling and attached the Blowpipe to where the rifle was.I put the BLowpipe launcher end facing down as to me with it being heavier it may have been carried that way.Also a little easier to attach.I took me a alttle while to figure out how to make firing model.So i wnt thru what i had a seen the detenator fig for Khurasan.So i snaged one up and went about converting.I think he turned out pretty decent.Now i need a boat load of theese figs because i got a idea to use them for PLA rocket firing controlllers.As for the game ATMi am using them as a HQ attachment.eventually it will be a platoon of 6  with the HQ attachment for a total of nine.
 Well Tanks for now,Here next i will be featuring a BAttlereport,TY AMericans vs TAliban in Free for All, my TAliban HQ objective and Mortar platoons medium and HEavy.