Sunday, December 20, 2015

Here is a classic WW2 Disney Cartoons and few others.

  Some of theese are my favorite Propaganda films.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Not much for this one,i thought i would feature my FOW dice tins and dice collection for this  time.
 Since i lost my painting mojo.I guess the last of the nice weather and COH2 in the evenings too have not helped,But i have also managed to get a little work done on a 10.5 recoiless gun battery and 3 gun AT platoon mostly done,i will be showing the models here later on.So for now here is the piks of my collection i still have most of the still sealed in the shrink wrap.
British 6th Airborne and Irish Guards

American 101st Airborne and 29th ID,Also included are the original USA dice that have the ones with the symbol.

Vanilla GErman set with my other gaming dice

group pik of my German collection

Vietcong and a old Soviet dice like my American one
Also i am looking for a Soviet dice tin,does not have to be a complete set.
i would buy or trade anther tin for.
 TAnks for reading.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Experimenting with 15mm Bolt Action.

I was wanting to try Bolt Action in 15mm. Getting kinda bored with the FOW rules and the firepower cheks.So we finally got a round to trying out BA,Overall i like the rules.but here is few things that we thought of or did for house rules.

  But the players want to up the points akinda loosely base them of of the force org from flames of war.As so that you have to purchase a platoon or a squad vs. a Single gun and or vehicles.
  Now after playing a few games im still reaching for a arty template.
 The last one is the dice cup thing is different,
   the other players did not care for this so we changed it a bit. Roll intiative
  winner goes first picks a unit give it the order.when done withe unit.
 you pass to the other player back and forth until you run out of units.
Worked pretty well it reminded me of when i played titan Legions and Epic space marine.
  as for models i am using 2 old Devils brigade company sets. I am using them as Anzio Rangers.
  As for the i am using a mix and match of Germans for Infantry,mostly Open fire Plastic Germans.
After playing this make want to  Pick up a Box of the new PSC Fallscrimjager and some MArders.
  WEll thats it for now Tanks,.... for the read.
BA Battle Pik

game table bad pik.

Rebased Devils Brigade.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Some WIP PIK dump,,models and terrain

Here is some piks of the various project that i have been working on.
Garage table per game, Still have some work to do

Devils brigade Company mounted now all i need to is Start painting,But i have been itching to Bolt Acton
So these may get rebased and played as Rangers one day.

10th Mountain Engineers Just need to add few details on the bases.

Some cheap ebay plastic trees mounted and based,I drilled holes into trimed paint stiks
spay painted brown,super glued, trees then flocked,
The Split rail fence was made by cutting down bamboo skewers and drilling  cuting .gluing tooth piks in place.
The base was made the same way as the trees.

Falls 105 recoiless battery with converted staff team and HQ models.

Staff team and command

AT guns and command

A really big hill i have been working just having a Brain fart to finish.I cannot make up my mind on choosing rock or dirt.

Here  next i will have some battle reports and few tutorials
on how i make my fencing for almost practicly free.i also have been experimenting on building some fortifications.
Tanks for reading and may you be blessed by the dice Gods....?.

Friday, July 24, 2015

75mm Old Skewl Bf goodness

Since i have been building a croossover American force that i may use for the 10th mountain and my 25th Glider rifles.I needed to update some of my Liteguns for them, So i was trolling ebay and found some kewl op usa arty crews Perfect for what i was needing. So i set about getting everything put together. So here is my progress so far.
  Also my models have been a tad neglected here lately Since are group has been playing a boat load of Compnay of heros online.We are so bad that we use a mod and have coined are flames of war style battles since we can build companies up.  So here is the piks of the guns and also i think i am finally finished with my MG Brits and soon to be finished withmy ITalian FJS.I wll be posting piks of each here in the future plus the American Airborne of a friends that i have coined the great rebasing project.
  Also i put in a pik of a finished rifle platoon.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Fuel Depot objective

I have been wanting on of theese for awhile now. So i picked up some OG fuel drums from a Bits Auction.So then i prceeded to build objective.
Also for my readers, Why do Cats love to sleep on your models?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

FInished Wrecked Supply train piks.

I finally got around to finishing the wrecked train,So here is the finished piks. Also i started the great 101st airborne redeux,after them being derstroyed and made a few terrain piece and a fuel dump objective.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

15mm Crashed train objective.

Been awhile since i posted any work ,i got burned out on painting minis for awhile. i have been working on terrain mostly.
  But i did pick this Crashed terrain objective here awhile back and it help give me motivation to pick up my paint brush again.Link
  i just have been to distracted by Company of heros 2 and Men of war assault 2.
I got this piece from ebay.Pretty rare here in the States but probably not for the Eu folks.
Overall i am pretty happy with it,even though i have a suspicion that it maybe a recast.
 Currently i am about half way thru with finishing it. i need to detail and shade it.
  tanks for reading.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Guards Armor and Lorried Infantry update,

 Think i am finally done with my Brits minus adding few more models, i am thinking of adding another motor rifle platoon,4 more Sextons and some more armored cars.but i think for now until i find a deal on the models they are finished.
 So here is what i got to use for my Market Garden British.I usually run the list as a guards unit.
 I can build two mabe three companies,but it is mainly Lorried rifles and Armor. I really like to run theese as a combined Arms regiment or company.So they are usually paired as a armor and Lorried platoons.But overall i am glad that i went ahead and built this force. It really helped me out scoring a OP retangular based Ifantry company and the craptacular Open fire Shermans especially on the fireflies as i run 2 per squad with me having 3 squads for the company.
  One other thing to it also works well allied or against my other forces in my collection.Usa Glider rifles, PAras and My German FJs .


Lorried Rifles

Regiment pik

Sunday, February 8, 2015

unboxing the Devils brigade company set.

i received this as a Holiday gift. i have not gotten around to painting them yet.but i will eventually.
 The main purpose of this article is the content and piks, not much on the web for the OP UBX19.
  So what i did was removed the d day style troops and added some PP flamethrower teams.also i had previously owned this set so added the Canadians to the new Compan

rifles and command

Canadians and engineers

LMGs,Johnsons and 30 cals

Flame throwers
Left over canadians,the rest were sent to form the 10th mountain  and beach assault reserve.

PP engineers

company pik, not the best.
sorting complete.

y set.i hope this helps someone with the contents of the set. Overall experience of the models for me was good again. also this was also my first company set i bought when i started playing.
      So for now Tanks for reading.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Woodland scenics review and build.

My wife got me this set for xmas this year.She had seen me eyeballing it for awhile now at are local hobby lobby. But i was always sceptical about it.because of the foliage looked like it would seperate very easily.But i used a combo of superglue,the watered down white skool glue and the alot of cheap hairspray(my go to also for a cheap sealent).Over all i was quite pleased i think that i will be buying a few more of theese setup,Also one of the kewl things that i did was trim them up and made some hedgerows too.Here is few piks of them in the building stages.