Sunday, September 21, 2014

Here is whut ive been up to this Summer.

Most of this sumer i have been building terrain out in the GArage of Doom.The first project was that completed roughly around 10 ft of Bocage.So that if i want i can fill our table for bocage battles.MAde alot more roads and Hills.
  The big thing for me for awhile is how i wanted to build a Mountain table.Now that i have enough Styro foam pieces,I can build my heart out.The foam came from a disassembled restuarant walk in cooler walls.I have pieces that reso large that we a building a replica MG bunker full size and a raft in the shape of a Giant Surf Board for next year so we try some river surfing on the river across the street at the park from my house.
 So here is a few piks of what the current state of the mountain terrain.So far i kinda like it. On one of the big pieces will be eventually turned into a Airfield on a small mountain top. I just need to pik up a few pieces,Quansa huts,Sweet brand Airfield strips and a watch tower,Possibily some oil tanks if i can find in scale.
  So now here is my next idea for sculpting another hill. Maybe a large center piece or corner?
a few of the painted hills and some of the split rail fencing that i made. I probably made around five feet worth.I made it using 2 methods.

Some of the Homemade,Bocage/Walls that i made

Panaramic pik with bad lighting.

Hill with some random foam boulders

Airfield piece

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Peter PIg USA team quick review.

I piked up a few packs of the 50 cal teams here recently by Peter Pig.Good deal 3 teams 5 bucks,i got 2 packs to finish off my 10th Mountain and GliderInfantry from Nuts.Overall i liked them 4 out of 5 stars for theese. nice clean sculpts and casting and made with a better metal than the Bf ones.
  I would have went with BF one theese HMG but they no longer sell them in a single blister. and i already have enough 30 cals as it is.
  Here  is few piks to see what you get. But overall,i would buy theese again and any of the HMGs or Mortar offerings from PP,i just really like the one piece metal mortars.NO fidly bi pods.One last thing the head sculpts are not that bad for doughboys.
peter pig

Left BF rite Peter pig