Sunday, July 17, 2016

Starting a Taliban Force for 15mm Cold war gone Hot

As the title states i been workig on putting together a Insurgent/ Terrorist force for are are home brew Cold war game. Why is called a Homebrew because we are using 3 rules sets, FOW NAm, Team YAnkee and The Stopping the Red Tide rules.
 Since my options for Taliban figs are limited kinda. I decided to go with Fly trap Factory,
  Khursan minatures
  MJ figs
  So i have half assed worked the rules and force org. i loosely based them off of the NVA forces from the NAm intel boooks.
   So here is a few piks of the models i am currently basing, nxt i will post piks of the weapons teams and the basing and some of the rules we are using.As for points we kinda threw them out the door but may just end up using the NVA points  for them.
Khurasan  AK 47  TAliban

Khurasan Enfield BA riflemen

Squad leaders

Flytrap Suicide Bombers and Snipers

Fly trap Enfield riflemen
As for the moment the models in  the piks are khurasan and fly trap. Flytraps are the rounded bases FYI. both  companies scupts were excellent and a extra shout out to Khursan for the replacements for some of my peanut head USa weapon teams.My next post will also have the other 2 squads from MJ figs.  tanks for checking it out