Thursday, May 17, 2012

I thought i would share theese new piks of the Chaos edition  for Blood bowl soon to be released.Here is a few piks for everyone.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The CAt vs. dog war continues.Now the felines have asniper!!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Here, is a few piks  from last nites 4000 pt. Battle. It was the 101st. Airborne vs. 12 th Panzer division,Hitler Youth.
 Well, with some lucky rolls the SS pulled out the big win.What caused the the loss for the Paras was mainly the 3 turns they had to spend destroing the Panzer Spearhead.Which then return left the rest of SS enough time to move in and destroyed one of the Para flanks with the Panthers.Towards the end of the match the Paras tried for a air assualt.
Which ended in horribly for them. Several Paras  were in injured in the jump and also were massacred by defensive fire.It reminded me of the Poles in Operation MArket Garden.
 Well lessons learned.The dice just was not on the side of the Paras.
   The Hitler YOuth all they can chant after this victory was, For the FAtherland and Hitler....welltil, next time fellow readers.I wil be having some painting updates and soon to be starting up my Wood Elf team for blood Bowl.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Updated piks of 101st. Airborne company

                               Here is what I am working with on this project,I may change out the Plattons from four to five.
HQ Col.Krazy Kenny,(Infantry Ace)
2Ic Sargeant Bull Turner(Warrior)
3 Bazookas
3 Sniper teams
1 Path Finder team

4 Rifle platoons mortar team, bazooka team

Para weapons Platoons
2 50. cal squads(8 guns) 190
1 Mortar section(4 mortars)
2 sections(8 guns) 2 Bazookas
1 Howitzers section(6 guns)

Support Platoons
Captian Carl(Infantry Ace)
1 glider rifleman Platoon
1 Glider engineer platoon 4 bazookas
2 willys jeep platoons( 8 jeeps 6 squads 2 HQ)

Divisional Support
105 Howitzer Battery (4 Guns)
105 Priest self propelled (3 guns 1 Fo Sherman)
5 Shermans tanks
3 Thunderbolt Fighter Bombers
Chemical Mortar Squad 4 mortars 2Bazooka

Things that need added,Jeeps,Howizers 2 75mm
2 105mm,4 155mm,half track,stuarts

Blogger error,

I have some new stuff posted in the blog.Posting error so it is in the wrong date.

101 st. Airborne D day -1 Project update

Well fellow readers,Here is a update on the project.I  have been doing alot of reading on the 101st airbornes force organization D-day vs. Market Garden.The first of the major differences are in the Divisional support.D-day has American mainly the 2nd Armor Division vs. Market Garden British.Also in the Glider companies support too.As i do not own any Brits and they do not have any 155mm i have decieded to with the D-Day list.
 Here is my current roster i am working on.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wargaming comix strips

I thought i would share theese with my fellow gamers.

Usa Paratrooper update.

Well, fellow readers i have expanded the Paratrooper project.I have just scored me one of the Holy Grails i have beed searching for! A orginal USa Flames of War Para company box set.It feature all of the Goodies you now have to purchas separetely,Path finders and Snipers.So for tommorrow look forward to a few piks of the models and a updated Para company list.Also their will be a upate comany roster.Also here later i will be posting a Battle report on this week ends game and the rules for a new scenario i have created for the game.