Wednesday, August 20, 2014

10th mountain piks and a few other things.

I built my Lite At guns for my10th Mountain division.I used the Tri pods from the PSC American weapons set anAT guns from the German Half Traxs.Yes, i do that they are the incorrect guns bt after you convert them it is hard to tell the diference at thisscale,especially at a distance.also i did not like the crew mix from the BF tutorial either they used a PAra spotter,A LW uniform and a Mw uniform models for it.I used the MW uniform for a matter of fact that is what i used for all of my 10th Mountain models.Now algot to do is finish them up a bit and they should be good to go,
 Next thing that i have been working on for them is the 50 cal AA platoon.Since they did not use the water cooled.I am trying to rebuild my Airborne Air cooled 50s.The only bad thing is that i still have to buy the Water cooled ones for the crew.But i guess i can always ebay the Guns off or keep them for a future project.One other good thing to about the 10th Mountain is that i got all of the other models that i need to still use them as Glider rifles.what stinks is the Flimsy barrels on the AA guns.I may just go ahead and swap them out with the extra Plastic ones i have.
 That is all for now TAnks for reading.