Friday, September 11, 2015

Experimenting with 15mm Bolt Action.

I was wanting to try Bolt Action in 15mm. Getting kinda bored with the FOW rules and the firepower cheks.So we finally got a round to trying out BA,Overall i like the rules.but here is few things that we thought of or did for house rules.

  But the players want to up the points akinda loosely base them of of the force org from flames of war.As so that you have to purchase a platoon or a squad vs. a Single gun and or vehicles.
  Now after playing a few games im still reaching for a arty template.
 The last one is the dice cup thing is different,
   the other players did not care for this so we changed it a bit. Roll intiative
  winner goes first picks a unit give it the order.when done withe unit.
 you pass to the other player back and forth until you run out of units.
Worked pretty well it reminded me of when i played titan Legions and Epic space marine.
  as for models i am using 2 old Devils brigade company sets. I am using them as Anzio Rangers.
  As for the i am using a mix and match of Germans for Infantry,mostly Open fire Plastic Germans.
After playing this make want to  Pick up a Box of the new PSC Fallscrimjager and some MArders.
  WEll thats it for now Tanks,.... for the read.
BA Battle Pik

game table bad pik.

Rebased Devils Brigade.