Sunday, June 29, 2014

10th Mountaineering Project,

Since i have Been wanting to start a new WW2 Company Modelling project,That would incorprate some of my current models.Also would be a good opportunity to Challenge my skills with alot of Custom pieces.Is what drew me to this project. I orginally Started out with this being a Darbys Rangers TAsk force.So i may have a Cheap fun challenging army that i may play in MW and LW.After getting a copy of Road to Rome, Iwas Kinda Dissappointed in the Lack of Support options for Darby(ADHD rant).But i did like the Idea of all of the Chemical Mortars and His Converted 1/2 traxs that have both the Cannon and Mortar option.I really would like to make them but at roughly 20 bucks apiec e is alittle pricey for me ATM.But i would have the extra traxs that i need.Plus they would be Resin, No offense but Plastic HAlf tracks kinda suck,Too lite ,to fragile and need a weighted and Base for them to be proper. 
So then back to RD to Rome,i remember that the Rangers were soon to join the DB after the Mauling at Cisterna.aftertaking a relook at the New BD list.It kinda worked for me but i did like the Platoon weapon options as much of the Rangers.but i did have some left over DB Canadians and few other Pieces i have collected for them to be used with.So DB was in,Kewl i was thinking,Now i have 2 forces that i can run. 
Then the Maddeness sets in, or a bad Case of Being a Hippie with ADHD.i had the thought wouldnt it be kool if Bf put out a updated PDf for the 10th Mountaineering So then i could use Darby in 3 seperate timelines or Lists.while pondering the ideas for my project what i had what i needed and Getting Company of heros 2 for my new PC after wanting to play it since it releaseJust needed a COmp and a good steam sale finally came to fruitation.i recieved a new Gaming PC for xmas from my friends and family.they custom Built it.But now owning a quad core vs. My old Dual core,Old comp speed forgotton now, i am currently running at a little less that 10,000.I highly recommend COH2,for all of you old CNC heads. 
Next i was surprised i went to BF site and they released a 10th Mountain PDf.After checking the PDf i thought i would make this my new American Infantry company i wanted to i started on checking my models and getting a few things together that i needed paint and a few as of roughly couple of weeks ago i took the plunge and got started.i made a mental listof what i was going to start with.using the PDf i made a check list.57mm At Gun Platoon,good No work here.i am using my old Glider rifle platoon,same for Mortar Platoon 81mm just needed to add 2 so could have the 6 max.Next was one of the custom pieces.The 37mm At gun on Tri looked like a nice simple custom model.i just recieved a PSc US weapons PSC kit for bits.So time to bust out the set. Sorry,But for me this ws the worst of their kits that i bought so far,details were not that good,to many pose that are non based indiv.And i really hate to say this too,but the quality wasnt the best either.It had bad thin molding spots and broke to easy when i tried to cut them from the Sprue.I think for now i will just stick with the armor. 
For my 37mm AT guns ,i used the 50 cal. tri pod and the 3. something at gun .since i did not have any usa one i chop shop some spare German ones and at this scale you barely notice even up close after modding them.Overall i think they turned out was my mountain field Battery, For this used my Histori fig Generic 105s with out gunshields and fat carriages.That were orginally intended for the 327th Artillery heavy Bastogne list.Also i may field 2 of theese still undecied on which to add Confiscated 75mm from the Gider rifles or another 105 battery.The pdf does state that they may have had2 ,but they did have a boat of 75mm guns.weapon platoon is pretty much done,but for now i am subing the 1919 lmg to them from my Armored infantry or Paras.Again bulk of the Models were glider rifles,that i had built theese from the D Day list.i added the Chemical Mortars from the PSC set which is what i bought for anyways,everything else from was a bonus.with the weapons platoons converted a couple of models over to be a HMg 2 gun section almost finished with just some AA to start on.I am for now just going to convert my Airborne 50 cal AA over with a crew swap.then order some quad AA 50s for the platoon to finish them out. 
Now, it is time for the MAddness to start.Here ahile back before i decied to make the 10th my got to Infantry list i fiddled around with my RAnger/DB project by starting on the Infantry. As i started to go through them and figuring what i can build,So i went through my spares and non finished models,I raided the DB and loose models to field my Engineers,Divisional Engineers with 2 OS and a 2 squads A&p allwith max zooks.Next was my I and R platoon easy one ill just reuse my Glider rifle platoon.Then the real Maddness started, I need to build my Infantry platoons,So i started to count bases and command,I was looking at around 2 full platoons and one 2 rifle squad platoon.when i was rounding up my models i noticed that some of the bases had mixed uniforms and i also had over a full platoon of Armored rifles loose,mounted DB models and Rifle/ MG bases.At first my gut told me feth it on the finished bases that were my Glider rifle that had mixed uniforms and took me a Summer to base and paint.Since we are Garage gamers and are pretty relaxed on proxys.Heck even haves used old Soda bottles as Gliders before.But i did it. realizing before and during painting that i used the wrong and a horrible color for the webbing and packs.Then i realized that i was just starting on the 15mm ww2 wargaming and wanted to field them faster. i said F@ck it and Started to strip them off the bases for remodellingand redeployment.So here is what happened after that, here is why i am having a couple of polls to help me choose what models to use. currently have enough RAnger style with Jacets to field 2 platoons one with 6 squads and one with 9 and a Mountain Cav patrol with 2 Carbine squads.Theese are another reason why i am fielding this division they maybe mounted on Horseback in LW and i even figured out how to convert them.I guess i am a sucker for unique and challenging models.just still not the best painter gotten better though.I do haveWIP piks of the models i will be posting them Here later on on a seperate article.