Friday, February 20, 2015

Guards Armor and Lorried Infantry update,

 Think i am finally done with my Brits minus adding few more models, i am thinking of adding another motor rifle platoon,4 more Sextons and some more armored cars.but i think for now until i find a deal on the models they are finished.
 So here is what i got to use for my Market Garden British.I usually run the list as a guards unit.
 I can build two mabe three companies,but it is mainly Lorried rifles and Armor. I really like to run theese as a combined Arms regiment or company.So they are usually paired as a armor and Lorried platoons.But overall i am glad that i went ahead and built this force. It really helped me out scoring a OP retangular based Ifantry company and the craptacular Open fire Shermans especially on the fireflies as i run 2 per squad with me having 3 squads for the company.
  One other thing to it also works well allied or against my other forces in my collection.Usa Glider rifles, PAras and My German FJs .


Lorried Rifles

Regiment pik

Sunday, February 8, 2015

unboxing the Devils brigade company set.

i received this as a Holiday gift. i have not gotten around to painting them yet.but i will eventually.
 The main purpose of this article is the content and piks, not much on the web for the OP UBX19.
  So what i did was removed the d day style troops and added some PP flamethrower teams.also i had previously owned this set so added the Canadians to the new Compan

rifles and command

Canadians and engineers

LMGs,Johnsons and 30 cals

Flame throwers
Left over canadians,the rest were sent to form the 10th mountain  and beach assault reserve.

PP engineers

company pik, not the best.
sorting complete.

y set.i hope this helps someone with the contents of the set. Overall experience of the models for me was good again. also this was also my first company set i bought when i started playing.
      So for now Tanks for reading.