Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Guards Armor,almost done...

I got the Armor done just need to add a few things,but good enough for the TT.Starting here in the next few days i will be getting my Lorried Infantry company sorted and mounted on bases.Also i will be texturing my Fj bases.As for the FJs i am using the Bridge by Bridge list with aliitle bit of options for Normandy FJ 6.
  Piks in order,Recon element.SP guns(Anti Tank Achilles and Sexton Sps.)Engineering jeeps with Trucks and for the Open fire Sherman Platoons.Not pictured are 25lbers and Bofors,SO overall i think that this is a pretty decent Company.for help with the objectives i will be using Lorried Infantry. Also this is the first time i used weathering effects.I used the  Vallejo AFV weathering set.i liked how it turned on the tracks.This set is kinda expensive but i think well worth it.A bgr Tanks to the wife for getting me the set for xmas.especially after last weeks  temperatures,-35 Brrrr...with over a foot of snow...To damn F#!%ING  COLD..i can deal with zero fine.but great painting weather.
  Tanks for reading,