Sunday, January 25, 2015

Woodland scenics review and build.

My wife got me this set for xmas this year.She had seen me eyeballing it for awhile now at are local hobby lobby. But i was always sceptical about it.because of the foliage looked like it would seperate very easily.But i used a combo of superglue,the watered down white skool glue and the alot of cheap hairspray(my go to also for a cheap sealent).Over all i was quite pleased i think that i will be buying a few more of theese setup,Also one of the kewl things that i did was trim them up and made some hedgerows too.Here is few piks of them in the building stages.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

BF VS OG and PP 15mm WW2 LW Americans Engineers.

I have been getting the occasional question about how OG and BF and PP  all scale up and match up. So i decieded to go ahead and post some piks of  models that i wwll be using for my Ammo pioneers for my 10th mountain division.The BF Engineers are from a BF UBX19 Set. I got lucky and got it and some more models as Xmas gifts from my Wife and Family.
 I am thinking of  basing the plato

old glory fig, did not do well for my lighting,since it has a basecoat.
ons as if setting demo charges. tanks for looking.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Belated updates,Lite 105 Battery

I have been busy and the Blog has been neglected,Also my camera took a dump on me.So here is few updated piks of some WIPs.
Lite 105mm battery ,105 are from Hist. figs.pretty decent sculpts for the price also one good thing they are one piece sculpts

Staff team,A friend of mine suggested the use of Ammo crates as a alternate instead of using the table.He was a Arty crewman and he said that is what they used most of the time.

I am going to be mainly using theese for my Glider Infantry company.Instead of me using them for my 10th Mountain troops,because BF took them out of the list for the offical briefing.also they contain  the op American arty crew blister sculpts.
TAnks for viewing.