Saturday, January 19, 2013

More Piks Part 2

Here is a couple more piks of the Sturm Platoon. Also here soon i will have another Terrain Tutorial and some finished piks of my objectives.


SInce i made it to hobby Lobby,i finally got some Flocking.The good Train Modellers stuff.Which works out great for the terrain.So here is the Volkstrum Sturm Grenadiers.I juust need detail and seal.Also here is a trivia question? Can you spot the different stlyes(Plastic and Metal) and brand?This my first real go at the Plastic soliders.I do like them but for me a little lite and not as durible as the Metals.I have made the mistake with mixing 40k metals and plastics,What a bunch of a broke messs if not stored rite.Also worked on a Few Shermans and finished the last of 25 cent buildings so all three are done. The Volksgrenadiers are 12. Volks Division. I am calling them Fall 44' or Spring of 45' i have a nice selection of Weapons and Support.Rockets,Arty.,Tanks etc. But i am going to concentrating Grenadiers and weapons teams. i Am also thinking that this division will work out good because it also fought with the 12 SS in the Ardennes offensive.So when we get a Hardback of the Ardennes battles or some kinda of offical list.I will be using the Earth and Steel list for the 12 th. One last

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

PArt 2 to the Bocage tutorial.

 Here is the step by step .
1.   Place the stir stix down ,length is up to you.
2.Cut foam core into thin strips around a  1/3 to 1/4 inch strips
 layer them to desired height.let dry .
3. put Elmers glue on the sides,sprinkle CAt liter on.Let dry.Then put Watered down glues on it for a second coat let dry.
4. Repeat steps for 3 or 4 layers.on the second layer always add water down glue then let it dry.Then add regular glue then litter.
5.base coat black
6.Dry brush Grey,paint base
7.Add flocking and shrubs to the tops and sides.
8.put watered down glue on the top to help hold in place.
9.Seal it.i use cheap HAir spray for me.If you have spray tac glue use the sealent.
10.good to go.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Homemade Bocage!Semi-tutorial

Since this summer i have been gettin alot of questions on how i built my Generic Bocage.They are pretty much lg.stone walls with VEgetatation on the tops.but i liked how they turned out.especially being cost effective.

Here is a list of items that i used.
 base,PAint stir stiks from my local Ace HArdware cost, free
Foamcore cut into strips,1$ from my local dollar store.
Elmers glue 2 for a buck at the dollar store

flocking and shrubs from local hobby shop that i already had. next part will be a step by step. tutorial.