Monday, April 14, 2014

Updates and new projects

Wow,it has been a month since anything has been posted,Been real busy workiung on projects here at home since the weather has been nice for a couple of weeks and now tonite a snowstorm.
 So after last Falls Party Fiasco i shut the Gargage of Doom down for the winter.So with theweather decent i went out and started on getting it ready for the Spring and it was thhrashed,some people who were at the party were left unattended and behold they broke my TV,Stero and part of my Gaming table.Plus their was busted Booze Bottles.Enough about that.So this year i fixed the water leaks,Insulated,Intalled alot more Shelves,Window,Also added a Spot to watch the game and even a Painting table.I kicked the Vehicles out for the Space.So for this year since i had somebody give me some saew horse i i decied to do a total rebiuld.It isa 8x7 table.So it going to be great for are Italy campaign battles,I am even building a Top secret set of terrain peices.
  Model wise i pik up a Devils brigade/Rangers Company or Companies,Started to paint my brothers Soviets and finally finished some of my Guards and even added another 3.5 AA 2 battry so now i can use my 4 Brit 88s. I finally to use thees for the first time impressed me.So i seen a deal n ebay on them.3well here is a few piks of what i have been up last thing i finaly did a updated German roster for total war and now i got around 10,000 pts worth.The points are mostly in The SS Wiking DIvsion KAmp from GRey Wolf and the 3000 plus of Veteran Fallschrimjager from Bridge by Bridge.Rite now for my allies i am not sure now since i iam getting ready to make over my 327th

Glider infantry.