Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Market Garden FJ update.

12cm mortars,PP,PSC<BF models

med. Mortars

Sappers with truck

HQ section

HQ section

I finally got them painted to be TT ready.I still need to finish base and a few other odds and ends.But i do admit i need a break from painting German Infantry.I  am looking forward to getting my Guards Infantry  assembled and based.so here is a few piks of what  i have done so far.The models are made by,BF,PP mainly with a few OG and a psc 12cm mortars from the German heavy weapons set.
Rifle,Mg platoon A
AA and 7.5

At guns

Here is a list of what units my FJs contain,MAx hq with Von and Koch with trap teams,3 mortars,3 shrek,3 snipers with optional puppchen,3 rifle mg platoons,1 sapperplatoon with truck,3 quad AA,2 hvy mg platoons 8 mgs,1 medium mortar platoons 4 tubes,Scout squad,3 at guns and Hvy. Mortars full squad 4 tubes.So overall not a bad force.I cannt wait for are open Summer LW italy campaign.Especially when the FJ 6 ,ally up with the Italian  RSI paras.TAnks for reading and now off to assemble some brits and enjoy my 18 inches of snow with a -26 temp outside.The only good thing this weather is good for is Painting,So maybe it is not that bad.  tanks for reading and please check back for updates.Soon i will have are summer italy campaign guidelines for everyone to check out.