Thursday, November 7, 2013

Universal Carrier,now with piat.

I seen a pik somewhere, that had the Piat attached the same way as the 50 cal. in my picture.So iam going to model them that way.I will be using the Sod Piats.To bad BF does not sell theese by themselves.So i ordered 3 of the cars just for the part. So off the evilbay they go along with my extra Dingo.

Here is a pik of the patrol,I still need to add another piat. because of one of the SODs i ordered was missing the part,but i do have 2 of them built.The other thing that i did. was that i ordered the wrong body style for the carriers.but my gaming group will not mind as long as it is a Universal Carrier.
  TAnks for reading.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gaming Models 15mm Quick review

  Here awhile back i was going to order some BF Dailmler Armored Cars for my Guards,But my usual supplier was currently out of them. So i was always curious about the Gaming models products.i never seen them in Person or i always seen them painted.But one day trolling the Forums i found some unpainted piks of them.Behold theyare resisn and 5$ a piece.So with that thought i went to their online store.Going thru their catalog i seen alot of nice models that i needed but since i am working on a British Guards Company i decied that i would purchase models for them.I ordered 4 Sextons and 2 Daimler Armored cars.
   They took around a week to get them in the post,which i think is pretty good overall.Considering my first thought was that they are casted per order.So it was a happy surprise to see them on my Porch.He did send me a email on Saturday to let me know they shipped.
    Here is the PIks of what they look like and varius stages of assembly.Overall i was happy with them.
My complaints are that the gun could be beefier and a way to elevate it.Setons are supplied with out crew but i did realise that when i bought them.But i will be adding a few BF ones in the future.So ill add crew.As for the cars the wheel and car body could have A notch cut out so that you may align the wheels easier.
  I know here later on i will be adding more of  Gaming models to my collection to mix in as a cgood cheaper filler model for my units.   TAnks for reading and may you roll 6s.