Monday, August 10, 2015

Some WIP PIK dump,,models and terrain

Here is some piks of the various project that i have been working on.
Garage table per game, Still have some work to do

Devils brigade Company mounted now all i need to is Start painting,But i have been itching to Bolt Acton
So these may get rebased and played as Rangers one day.

10th Mountain Engineers Just need to add few details on the bases.

Some cheap ebay plastic trees mounted and based,I drilled holes into trimed paint stiks
spay painted brown,super glued, trees then flocked,
The Split rail fence was made by cutting down bamboo skewers and drilling  cuting .gluing tooth piks in place.
The base was made the same way as the trees.

Falls 105 recoiless battery with converted staff team and HQ models.

Staff team and command

AT guns and command

A really big hill i have been working just having a Brain fart to finish.I cannot make up my mind on choosing rock or dirt.

Here  next i will have some battle reports and few tutorials
on how i make my fencing for almost practicly free.i also have been experimenting on building some fortifications.
Tanks for reading and may you be blessed by the dice Gods....?.