Saturday, September 28, 2013

British armor painting update.

I started on painting up some more of my Brit armor its non historical paint jobs.i am trying to atleast match up the paint with what i got.My nearest paint seller is 40 miles away and i am currently in the poor house.
  The Infanrty are going to be my Armored platoon.i am also going to be putting some Camo jackets on them to help ID them seperately frommy Lorried is link to the JAcket that i am modeling mine after.Also since the JAcket was fielded in small numbers works great for them being a Motor Platoon.
  So here is a few piks ,leave a comment on telling me what you think of the colors please. 


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Here is my PSC review for the Stuarts

     I pick this set up for my Guards Armor project.After seeing a few other reviews that were mostly good,i figured what the hell.In most of the other reviews they size them up with the BF Stuarts they seemed over scaled..But here lately i have noticed that some BF models tend to be under scale.After a already owning and assembling several PSc kits the new style  were a welcomed break from the old Style tracks.Also one of the good things is that they also give you a option for Cullin Cutters. They are probably going to end up on Shermans that i am working on.Over all i am very pleased with theese tanks.For assembly they went together quite smooth.I just added a BF tanker for Command tank.They match up well with my BF Shermans. i beleive that theese are more tru scale than the BF model.In the piks i have a BF resin and a Open fire Sherman.If i ever decied to play American tanks again i would buy a Company of theese.But i think one of our players may beat me at it since he is Building a 2nd Cav list.. So overall i would give this kit a 8 out of ten overall. good buy i bought my kit for 27$ shipped. from NWS online store.I recommend this store alot of good deals.They sell BF,PSC, ZVEzda and FIB models and use the USPS standerd rates for shipping.  
    Till next time, TAnks for reading.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

I thought i would share this blog,Since this player seems to be my British Counter part..Why is he my counterpart we seemed to play the same armies.