Monday, October 12, 2015

Not much for this one,i thought i would feature my FOW dice tins and dice collection for this  time.
 Since i lost my painting mojo.I guess the last of the nice weather and COH2 in the evenings too have not helped,But i have also managed to get a little work done on a 10.5 recoiless gun battery and 3 gun AT platoon mostly done,i will be showing the models here later on.So for now here is the piks of my collection i still have most of the still sealed in the shrink wrap.
British 6th Airborne and Irish Guards

American 101st Airborne and 29th ID,Also included are the original USA dice that have the ones with the symbol.

Vanilla GErman set with my other gaming dice

group pik of my German collection

Vietcong and a old Soviet dice like my American one
Also i am looking for a Soviet dice tin,does not have to be a complete set.
i would buy or trade anther tin for.
 TAnks for reading.