Friday, February 20, 2015

Guards Armor and Lorried Infantry update,

 Think i am finally done with my Brits minus adding few more models, i am thinking of adding another motor rifle platoon,4 more Sextons and some more armored cars.but i think for now until i find a deal on the models they are finished.
 So here is what i got to use for my Market Garden British.I usually run the list as a guards unit.
 I can build two mabe three companies,but it is mainly Lorried rifles and Armor. I really like to run theese as a combined Arms regiment or company.So they are usually paired as a armor and Lorried platoons.But overall i am glad that i went ahead and built this force. It really helped me out scoring a OP retangular based Ifantry company and the craptacular Open fire Shermans especially on the fireflies as i run 2 per squad with me having 3 squads for the company.
  One other thing to it also works well allied or against my other forces in my collection.Usa Glider rifles, PAras and My German FJs .


Lorried Rifles

Regiment pik