Friday, July 24, 2015

75mm Old Skewl Bf goodness

Since i have been building a croossover American force that i may use for the 10th mountain and my 25th Glider rifles.I needed to update some of my Liteguns for them, So i was trolling ebay and found some kewl op usa arty crews Perfect for what i was needing. So i set about getting everything put together. So here is my progress so far.
  Also my models have been a tad neglected here lately Since are group has been playing a boat load of Compnay of heros online.We are so bad that we use a mod and have coined are flames of war style battles since we can build companies up.  So here is the piks of the guns and also i think i am finally finished with my MG Brits and soon to be finished withmy ITalian FJS.I wll be posting piks of each here in the future plus the American Airborne of a friends that i have coined the great rebasing project.
  Also i put in a pik of a finished rifle platoon.