Monday, July 8, 2013

Fallschirmjagers for my D Day campaign

We started on the WWPD Operation Overlord Campaign.Since we already had a few allied players i thought i would go with Von der Hydtes 6th Fallschirmjager Regiment.We got three Allied armies 101st. Airborne,327thGlider Infantry and 4th AD.So the main reason for me to pick them was the fact that they were one of the main enemies of the 101st. Airborne.So far i have managed to collect 3 infantry platoons,8 HMG teams,3 PAk 40s,7.5 recoiless,snipers and HQ with Puppchen gun.Models are a mix of Peter pig,Old Glory and BAttlefront.That i will be using with  my recoiless guns. As for mortars  they are next on my shopping list with the Glider Assault Engineers.So keep checking in i will be posting my Progress.Also this week i will be posting another battle report and a reveiw of a few peter pig models.