Tuesday, July 2, 2013

D Day, battle for the causeway featuring 101st. Airborne and 2nd SS

                                                               Allied Invasion Airborne plan

                                                               Day day +2    The Airborne has assembled at Lzs and have had
 encounters with enemy patrols.now that the troops have assemble it is time complete the objectives. First objective is secure the causeways and roads so that the two beacheads may meet up. Also secure the perimeter around Carentan for the  Assualt.
 0500 Hours. Paratroopers and Glider Infantry have assembled and are ready to secure the Causeway and Lock on the Douvre River.The attacks will be a three prongued trident attack.Paratroopers will lead the center assualt with 327th  Support and Captain carls Sleazy Company will Spearhead the Bridge Assualt.

  the battle begins.A view from the Village Square located outside of the lock.Currently in the hands of the Germans. Stug platoon guards the left flank.

                                             German side of the Causeway.

  Posistions of the Allies.Glider infantry are on top of the Hill  fortifying a old Farmhouse with At guns lying in Ambush,  reinforced by riflemen watching as the Engineers advance along the old Dirt road.     Paratrooper 75mmm Howitzers open fire on the German AA Batteries. knocking out a 3.7 AA guns.Germans counter fire with their Artillery and only manage to destroy a few of the Advancing Engineers.
The rest of Germans Advance forward or Dig in.Air support is shot down on a strafing run.
  Start of turn two. Allied command commands all Guns repeat on the  German AA battery destroys the 8.8 2 gun batttery.The Engineers move forward and prepare their posistion for the incoming Germans.platoon of Paras advance through the Bocage.
For the Germans turn they continue the Recon patrol the Are.moving towards the Engineers.German Artilery opens fire again the engineers only killing a few.
                    Start of third turn Reserves arrive for both sides.

  3rd turn for the Allies .The engieers shake off the Arty. fire and dig in posistions for  the incoming Germans. Artillery opens fire again on the AA and does not destroy anything.Allied Mortar fire pins the SS Tank hunters taking a squad out.The germans open fire with their artillery and Desroying a some of the glider infantry now advancing down the hill from the Farmhouse.Nebs fire dowm on the Newly arrived paras on the Engineers  left flank.The paras ran over the hill to engage the fire line of the Fallschrimjagers and SS recon elements.

 Panzers advance down the Causeway.
  turn four. Allies open fire from the Ambushing At guns and Artillery on the PAnzers knoking out 3 of them.

  Airborne and Glider  Engineers open fire on the Germans Recon and Paras.Just Massacaring them with the HMGs and Mortars.
Allied Thunder bolts start working over the German Arilltery destroying a Gun.
     Geran recon and PAras try to fire back but only Manage to kill 2 Paras.But the Artillery rounds do manage to break them.Grenadiers hop their trucks and start to advance towards the Hills of the Glider infanry and PAras.
 Turn 5 Allied 105 Bateery opens fires on the last two panzers destroying them.75mm fire on the Grenadier trucks destroying two and killing all of the occupents.Engineers continue to fire on the the recon .Destroying 2 Armored cars and finishing off the SS Tank hunters.Paras on the right Flank have been reinforced and are taking cover using the terrain.With Glider recon giving support from the road.Aircraft destroy the neb battery by knocking out two guns.
  german turn five Artillery opens fire on the At guns Destroying two and some Glider riflemen..Fallschrimjagers are reinforced by a platton and open fire at the paras and finish them off.Armored cars manage to hit a big nothing.Panther moves intowards the Engineers only to be Attacked and destroyed by Bazooka fire.
    turn six Allies,105 and 75mm guns open fire on the scattering Grenadiers destroying them and sending them into retreat.only to have them cut off by the Paras that have been advancing along the rite flank thought the bocage. securing the northside of the bridge.The left flank Glider rifles ,At gun s and PAra ,Rifle engineers.with mortar fire break the Fallschirmagers and send them in to retreat.Thunder bolt fighter Bombers destroy two howitzers.Which sums up the Loss to Germans.the Commanding Officer of the German Forces retreated from his out post to Carentan.The FAllscrimjager retreat east to one of their outposts along the river overlooking 2 bridges.
 now the Airborne and Gider Infantry Prepare a forward  Hq at the Farm, guarding the Lock,River and roads.Now lets hope are Glider Brothers may secure our left flank and capture the Bridges.before the Assualt on Carentan.