Thursday, July 11, 2013

Battle For the Causeway PT.2 On the Road TO Carantan. 327th Glider Infantry VS. 6th.Fallschirmjager.

                        Allies objectives,Take and Hold The Bidges and the High Ground                       SE across the river.Establish a forward HQs and wait for reinforcements before advancing on Carentan.
                                            Axis Objectives,Hold bridges at all costs wait for reinforcement.
                                  Turn one.Axis send out a patrol across the stone Bridge.Prepare posistions and Bombard the Riflemen that were spotted.

                                   Allies, Move forward using cover.Artillery starts to attack the AA battery.Destroying a gun.Allied Fighter bombers Try to straf but are shot down by the Surviving 88
                                   turn two,Axis,Fallschirmjagers mone into posistion acrooss the stone Bridge and prepare a firing line.To take on the incoming Glider infantry troops. Artillery continue to shell the infantry killing a few squads of men.stugs Also open fire.failing to hit .
                                    Allies, Move platoons and Mortars forward.  Artillery fires at the lone 88 and  fails to hit.Aircraft is intercepted.
      turn three,Axis nothing moves and opens fire. 15.5 battery fire at towed 57mm At guns and destroys 2 Teams breaking them.10.5 Fire at the towed lite at guns and destroys 2 guns.Glider infantry  take Mortar fire and the Infantry and take lite casualties. Fallscrimjager fire on the rilfemen  killing a squad. Stugs Fire Mg at the incoming Infantry but fall to kill anyone. 
    Turn three Allies.PAratropers that just arrived on the scene open fire at the Fallschrimjager that are firing at the Glider troopers. Destroying a squad.Remaining Glider troops fire at the Falls and fail to hit.mortars fire at the Falls desroying a squad.
         Turn three Allies On the rite flank second bridge the defending Falls get hit by 105 battery and a 2 squads are killed ,The Glider infantry will soon learn that theese Falls are Monty vets.Super stubborn.
 Hmg teams fire at the dug inFalls from across the river failing to injure them.Aircraft is Interecpted.
  turn five Axis, Artillery fire is concentrated around the right bridge and destroys the recon element and 2 Hmg teams.On the other side the Mortar ,FAlls platoon 1 and now with being reinforced by 2 platoon with a stug open fire on the remainder of the Glider and PAra troopers breaking them.
  Allied Turn  five.105s fire at the Dug in FAlls on rite flank only destroying a Hmg team. Hmgs fail to injure anyone.Mortars fire at the falls on the left and destroying first platoon.Aircraft are intercepted again.
   After seeing the overall combat situation the Col.Calls the general retreat.But it will be for now,he says,i will be back.