Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Guards armor Update.

Here lately i have been still working on my Guards Armor.Little bit here and there.I recently ordered a Carrier set.I was hopi

ng that it came with all of the weapon options,but sadly it did not.So now i have to  convert 2 50 cal carriers and 2 Piat Carriers.i have the 50 cal.s done but now i have to build the Piat carriers.What stinks is that now i have to buy 2 or 3 SOds for the Piat bit.The only vehicle that i found that has the bit.
 Here is a couple of piks with the 50 cal. I have 2 but the 1st. one did not turn out as nice as the 2nd one.
  when get around to building the Piat ones i will be using the same set up as i did for the 50 cals.