Thursday, June 20, 2013

Updated table piks with terrain.

Here is afew piks of of or table after i enlarged to be 5x11,i know the guys like playing on it as it make more realistic for arty to be used and alsoo has to be moved to range.I set this up to give me a idea of what the terrain is going to used.Also to see what i think i will need.Maybe a couple of bridges,A pontoon and a RR style one frommy local hobby shop and train set traxs. But overall i think it will be good.just need to get off my ass and get terrain painting done.
  I have been busy this week sorting out models that i got on monday.i got over 700 LW british rifles that was a headache,had to do that three times once for different models,riflemen,piats,command tc.Then i had to sort them out by squad and platoons.First time i ever work with the Tommys and messed the platton organization so i had to it all over again.I did not know the everyother squad contained a lmg and a nco.
  Then i worked on my GErman Paras started getting them sorted out to for the was my Glider Infantry i had to sort themand make a d day roster up,which took a alittle while as had to change them over from the Nuts book list.Thankfully my SS Panzer really do not need any real lit changes.
 Well hopefully i can get some painting done tonite and get ready for are week end pre campaign game.
   Thanks for reading and that is it for now.
    Piks are from the opposite sides of the board running length wise.