Friday, June 21, 2013

D Day +1 Operation Overlord has begun...

 Well this weekend we are trying to start up the Summer D Day campaign.It will feature a series of battlereports recreating the landings of the 101st.Airborne.The scanarios will beloosely based around the orginal ones and we will be following a timeline also.but who knows this may get interesting.especially if the German Army starts to win.Also what if their were different divisions of the germans in the sector.As for our First game it will be represent the Landing and Attacking on the outskirts of Caratan.The objectives are Take and hold the causeway,Estaiblish a Forward Hqs and Destroy the German Arty. BAtteries.
   As for deteriming the victor it will be determined by objectives secured,mission accomplished and vps.
So for our first game it is a 3000pts a side with only two players bad we did not have another two to make it more intersting.So my friend Carl will be using his 101st.Airborne with Glider infantry and i am going to be Playing 2nd SS PAnzer Division Company out on Manouveres with Von derhydtes 6th thing that is going to make this interesting is that we are going to be the Aces rules for 3 warriors or pik one from the lw books,So dont be surprised if you see alot of MAx Taylor and Von Der Hydte.When it is all said and done them to are going to look like DUke and Cobra Commander.
                                                   ALLIES BREIFING  CLASSIFIED(secure the Causeway)
This picture above is a aerial Photograph showing the Village,canal and Axis troops that are in the area for WargamesPik taken a day before.Also study it for the locations of the Artillery BAtteries and AA  batteries. theese guns have to be destroyed .you must also secure the causeway to stop enemy reinforcements and this allows for ourboys on the Beaches to link up.Also you will need to set up a forward command post.But watch out,It looks like the damn NAzis have flooded a few fields.But do not forget you have the power Thunderbolt at your hands and reinforcement is our first priority.Tommorrow you will be reinforced so hold out at all costs.The NAzis will be caught off guard so after landing assemble at location ,Secure cause way mission at 0500 hrs. That should give you the element of surprise.
           So here soon you will have the second part of the battlereport.