Thursday, March 14, 2013

BAttle report,TAnkovy vs. IV PAnzer Corps.


Here is some piks of the battle. ,Some how the download got messed up.First pik is of the occupied Soviet Village.Volkstrum Guarding the Artillery Battery.Germans make their assault into the Village with Recon leading the way.Exposing the Soviet Decoy Squad of Spets.With the Tigers Leading the Heads and PAnthers thru the right Flanking down the Road.The SS make a break thru.After a few artillery BArrages the Spets try to make a counter attack aimed at breaking thru to the Artillery battery.but tghey are stopped by Stug counter attack.With both Flanks crushed the Soviet defenders are forced to Withdraw from thge village.Seeing the Enemy withdrawing made the SS Commander quite happy seeing the destroyed KV-1s