Tuesday, March 28, 2017

TY AMerican reinforcements inbound.

I got me a few boxes of M113 here awhile back.So that i may make the 6 HEavy Mortar carriers and use the extras to finish my Mech Infantry company.
 BAck here for xmas i got a boatload of magnets for my models from the wife.So i have went magnet crazy.FOr theese models in particlar .I magnetised the mortars a command hatches with the  .50 cals.
 kinda cool to be able to rotate them and be stable.
 Next project was some Revell 1/100 Apaches that i got a good deal on from ebay.6 bucks each shipped in beat up boxes but still sealed kinda. I also magnetised them too.Bottoms so i could attache them to BF flight stands, Chain gun and rotors. I nerfed the first one up,but not to bad when i had  moment and thought i could magnetise the weapons. Alignment didnt turn out to good.I also added my Rocket pods from my Skyraider.Which were not included.
 As for game stats they count as CObras.
 TAnks for reading til next time.

Magnets attached and almost ready to go.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Upadate on TAliban, comparsion piks.

I thought i would update the 15mm comparsion piks. i now have included a Flash point taliban.
 So from left to right,Khurasan,Old glory,MJs,FLytrap and flash point.
   i am not sure on my favorite it is still tie with Khurasan and Flytrap models.
 The flash point are nice sculpts but lacking in the variety department.
  Still waiting on someone to make Taliban with stingers. But it looks like i may have to convert my own with a Blowpipe weapons sprue from MJ and try to find suitible figs for gunners and maybe some dudes with Binoculars for spotters.
  Thats all for now.stay tuned for my update on my rivers and REvell 1/100 Apache kits.