Friday, March 31, 2017

Totentanz: Spanish Army Kickstarter 

Looks like me i think most of NAto forces no have models now for Cold war. 
Armies Army 
Canadian, Cold weather Briitish, and Dutch 
Spanish and French 
USA, U.K,West Germans 
Thing i want to see if is How PSC , Does with the new NortHAg game and the NEW plastic TAnk offerings,Will we see a Leopard 1 Main Battle Tank (MBT) in Plastic? 
Considering as here of lately all We had was FOrce on Force for mainly Cold War gaming, 
THen are fellow Member offered us FOW Stopping the RED tide Supplement. 
But you do have to give Credit to BF for help making this more into the mAinstream Loosely Historical gaming.What i want to see is how they are going to Treat NAm and AIW. 
Or some of the other wars and ERAS. 
It did surprise me though when Team YAnkee was announced.I firgure BF would have made a Korean war or SCW gaming. SInce they already have most of the KIts for the wars. 
Now the Warsaw PACT nations is needing some attention , but the bad thing is that they are mostly Generic type forces.Where the soviets get most of the kewl new gaar and they the kick me downs/ 
.But a CUBAN force would be good or some proper Soviet MArines.Armies Army make a proper VDV force for the Soviets. 
So tell what you think or theories on this. TAnks.