Sunday, July 16, 2017

Team Yankee Stripes speculation on what to come.

This post is about what i think will be in the Stripes release based on the RED Thunder and main rule book Soviet Models list.Remember that is is only a speculation list Take with a Grain of salt.
 In no particular order,
 T 64 MBT= M60 tank.  This kit will be  plastic and it will make the M48 and MAgach,maybe starship or York.
BTR 60= Humvee and varients, This kit will be plastic and will make TOW,AA and a GEneric vehicles.
Storm Anti-tank Platoon =  Bradley IFV this kit will be in resin, Because it doesn't have alot of different Variants.

 2S3 Acacia Heavy SP Howitzer Battery  =MLRS system.  The united states does not have a roket system yet.
 Infantry teams for the Americans it will be Stinger teams,What i would like to see is NAm style grunts repackaged as National Guard.
 Gecko = Chaparral
 Two other things mentioned are a New Chopper and AA sp gun. Huey is pretty much confirmed.I believe this will be plastic and have options to MAke.Slicks,Hogs and MEd VAc.
The Sgt. York is still on my wish list.
  So take this list with a grain of salt i am only speculating.People are trying to say one of the vehicles on the cover is a Marine vehicle.My opinion is that the artist just drew a fuked up Bradley.
  TAnks for now.