Friday, May 20, 2016

Seal Team for TEam Yankee,Rebels Minis review US Special forces.

Well i Kinda gave up on the 28mm Models, i guess i couldnt get back into the scale.I think i got the 15mm bug worse than i thought.
  So switched over to 15mm Bolt action. Which was easy to because i already a decent amount of left over models from Flames of War. Here in the future i will post some piks of the forces.
 I also got a good deal on a indoor outdoor fake grass mat that is now the new grounfd for gaming table i got a good deal i think a 9x6 for 36 dollars at my local farm supply store.I think i looks great,especialy better than the old house carpet that i was using. But the price was rite. I garbage pick it from a friends house.So it didnt smell like Cat pee.
 Now n to what i have been currently working on. Since we were getting a little burned out.We decieded to start playing our House version of Team Yankee.
  So far i dont have alot but we got three players. Me USa Mech infantry,A Soviet Air assault player and a Insurgent,Militia, ISIS type of Force also. For them we are just going to be porting over alot of the VIetcong rules.
  Also Why House rule style.Alot of the rules and units not included in the TEam YAnkee rule will be ported over from other settings in particular the NAm rules alittle modded for example.Also for points it will be what me and fellow players call good enough ? look good too you agreement.So no points system for now.
  ere is one of my USa Platoons i been  fiddling with here lately is the USa special forces set from rebel mini.The rifles looked more like m16s than m5 or m 4 carbines
  I bought the platoon pack heavy weapons and the Sniper pack.
    The Platoon packs has a assortment of weapons, Shot gun, Smg and rifles.Weapons pack have the At 4, Stinger and SAW. Sniper pack has the standerd Bolt action rifle and one of my favs the BArret 50 cal. and yes the Seal teams have been known to use the Stinger and At4
 As for rules i will just be porting the SEAL rules over from Brown Water NAvy.  But one of the kewl
things i will be doing here soon is buying 4 Loach/Little Bird Choppers for them as transport,Heck i may  even build 2 more little birds and turn them into gunships so the can hane their own dedicated Air support.
Sniper teams

Stinger At 4

Rifle Platoon with command and Saw
Overall the models from rebel were clean from excess flash, the mold lines were very little and also a good price.
Overall very good crisp looking sculpts i would recommend theese models for a gamer who i looking for a product like this for their games.Also scale up nice next to Peter pigs AK 47 range and Old Glory Command decision.
 TAnks for chexing this out.