Saturday, January 30, 2016

Flames of war Fallschirmjager pik dump

AA section

Recoiless guns

HMG and Heavy Mortars

Medium Mortar section

para trooper platoon

Scouts with Stg
Well this was the last of the 15mm Flames of war models that i finished even thought i still need to finish a few of them up.
   As for my next project will be MW American PAras the i have been very slowly building up. The reason why is the OP mw paras are someof the hardest modeks for me to find.
  Next post will feature some of the Bolt Action models i have building and PAinting.I am currently building a Ranger and a Waffen SS forces.
Also i finally got off my company of heros kick and now it is Call to Arms and Men of war Assault 2 , So if you are steam hit me up for a game sometime.Even though at the i stink at call to arms.
  TAnks again readers.