Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sorry for the Delays.

Well it has been a while since i posted anything but i have relocated to NEw Mexico.What nice Summer weather no more 100 degrees with all of that fucking Humidity! But i have been working on some models so i thought i would start sharing some of the piks of what i have done.
Aklso Captain Carl, If you read this get are our ruleset for our Blood Bowl tourney when i visit for the Holidays this fal. This waty i can get some teams done.
 If anyone is interested they have just releades a DLC pak for Dungeon bowl it included two teams.

 here is a few piks first if a Guard house objective. Second pik is of the outdoor train set at the Botanical GArdens.I call this AHHHA Bear Atttack.Another pik of the train set.The next piks are of the Dragons lair from the GArdens i posted theese for Carl.Next is from the Aquarium and GArdens.I thought Brian would like the Koi and oscar.As for the Sea Gull i think he was posing for his pik.LAst is of a Giant Hissing Cock roach..Who doesnt like Giant cockroaches!  Well that is it for now thanks for reading later i wil post some piks of some flames of war models.