Sunday, May 13, 2012

Here, is a few piks  from last nites 4000 pt. Battle. It was the 101st. Airborne vs. 12 th Panzer division,Hitler Youth.
 Well, with some lucky rolls the SS pulled out the big win.What caused the the loss for the Paras was mainly the 3 turns they had to spend destroing the Panzer Spearhead.Which then return left the rest of SS enough time to move in and destroyed one of the Para flanks with the Panthers.Towards the end of the match the Paras tried for a air assualt.
Which ended in horribly for them. Several Paras  were in injured in the jump and also were massacred by defensive fire.It reminded me of the Poles in Operation MArket Garden.
 Well lessons learned.The dice just was not on the side of the Paras.
   The Hitler YOuth all they can chant after this victory was, For the FAtherland and Hitler....welltil, next time fellow readers.I wil be having some painting updates and soon to be starting up my Wood Elf team for blood Bowl.